Thursday, April 6, 2017

March 2017 Recovery in Volumes

Forex ECN Hotspot FX reported a 10% month-over-month gain in March trading volumes, amounting to $29.7 billion average daily volume (ADV) and chalking up it second-best month next to the election-driven November 2016 volumes of $30.6 billion. GTX, which is the institutional arm of Gain Capital Holdings, reported record ECN volumes for the same month at $11.8 billion, up 23% from February and a whopping 61% on a year-over-year basis.
As for FastMatch, which is jointly owned by Global Brokerage Inc, Credit Suisse and BNY Mellon Corp, trading volumes jumped 16% on a monthly basis in March to $19.2 billion ADV. This is its best-ever month in volumes, even higher than its November 2016 ADV at $17.1 billion.
For CME Group, forex volumes increased 28% from February to 978,000 contracts per day in March 2017, up 7% from March 2016. This was spurred by higher volumes of Japanese yen futures and options, as well as GBP futures and options.
Over in Japan, the the Tokyo Financial Exchange reported a 12.3% month-over-month gain in trading volumes for March at 2,697,615 contracts on its Click 365 platform, still down 21.5% from the same month last year
Interestingly enough, Japanese online trading firm Monex Group reported a 1.93% dip in monthly trading volumes to 257,717 daily average revenue trades or DARTs, although average trade values in yen ticked higher. The total number of FX accounts also took a hit to 65,175 but the number of active accounts increased during the month.

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